Politics of Data and Indicators

Global governance is increasingly conducted through monitoring procedures and progress managed through a system of goals, targets and indicators, which encourages the generation of data and statistics to guide policy and legitimate decisions. This global data includes statistics on sector inputs and outcomes, as well as a wealth of quantified learning data generated by comparable large-scale assessments. The idea of ‘data’ serves as an important source of legitimation and justification for decision-making and the investment of resources in education and training areas.

However, data in itself does not constitute knowledge and it is important to unpack the processes by which data is produced, processed, and disseminated. Who is producing and processing this data, and under what terms? How is this evidence used to legitimate policies, and with what effects? NORRAG’s work in this area aims to unpack the role of data and indicators in global governance frameworks for education and to question the implication of standardizations shaped by these governance frameworks, with a specific emphasis on the education-relevant SDG goals and framework

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News and Events

30 June 2022: Psychosocial support to children and adolescence in education projects: Good practices and challenges

On 30 June 2022 from 3:00pm-5:00pm, the Swiss Network for Education and International Cooperation (RECI) will host the interactive webinar “Psychosocial support to children and adolescence in education projects: Good practices and challenges.” The webinar will be in English and Spanish with simultaneous translation. Deadline to register is 24 June...
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28 June 2022: Striking the right balance: State and non-state engagement within technical and vocational education and training

As part of its mandate to compile, synthesize and analyse the latest and most important themes in international education, the 2021/22 Global Education Monitoring Report on non-state actors in education reviews a wide range of stakeholders and their activities across all levels of education, with an entire chapter dedicated to non-state engagement...
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Who do you cite?

In this NORRAG Highlights published in connection with the launch of NORRAG’s initiative #ScholarsFromTheSouthAlsoKnow, Cora L. Xu, Assistant Professor at Durham University, UK, raises the...
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