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28 Apr 2023

KIX Research Update - MATPD Project launches Landscape Mapping Study Reports of Afghanistan, Maldives and Nepal

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) regional grant project “A Multi-Multimodal Approach to Teacher Professional Development in Low Resource Settings” (MATPD), led by Villa College of the Maldives launched the project’s first research output “The Landscape Mapping Study (LMS)” country reports of Afghanistan, Maldives and Nepal on March 13th, 2023.

The study’s objective was to identify the status of teacher education and Teacher Professional Development (TPD) in three countries with the affordances as well as challenges that might arise in the implementation of the MATPD project. The findings revealed the importance of research culture among teacher educators and teachers need to be developed through opportunities to engage in field-based research, identifying challenges and finding contextualized solutions. Additionally, areas that need capacity building and strengthening include mentoring, action research and the use of educational technology across the three countries.

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