Approach and activities

As Regional Learning Partner, NORRAG designed the KIX Europe, Asia, Pacific Hub in ways to set in motion four feedback loops that will contribute to achieving 3 main objectives.

The four feedback loops are

  1. between policy research and practice,
  2. between global and national public goods
  3. between supply and demand-driven capacity strengthening,
  4. between u2018what worksu2019 in terms of scalable innovations and future project design, and vice versa.

The three objectives are

  1. Enhance the utilization of global public goods for national policy analysis and planning
  2. Mobilize national experts for agenda setting, policy analysis, and policy advice
  3. Identify and learn from successful innovation for future project design


  • Webinars on topics selected based on sub-regional demands
  • Learning Cycles: Policy Analysis Exchange (PAX) and Innovation Exchange (InnX)
  • Production of Scoping Studies and Reports
  • Face-to-face regional conferences and workshops
  • Production of podcasts of policy analyses and innovations
  • Inter-Country Visits and Meetings in sub-regional or cross-national thematic teams

This work was supported by the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, a joint endeavour with the International Development Research Centre, Canada

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