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Published every first Wednesday of the month, the KIX EAP Podcast is hosted by Ryan Allen, Assistant Professor at Chapman University, California, USA. The Podcast is available on the NORRAG podcast channels, subscribe on SoundCloud or Spotify.

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KIX EAP Podcast #4: Dr Aminath Shafiya Adam, Assistant Professor, Maldives National University

In this episode, Dr Adam explains how she trains future teachers to become “Champions” in their classrooms through positivity. The discussion also explores the importance of persevering local language and the challenges of the nation’s unique geography.

More about the participants: Dr Aminath Shafiya Adam I Ryan Allen

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KIX EAP Podcast #3: Dr. Shehzad Jeeva, Director of AKU-EB and Assistant Professor Aga Khan University, Pakistan

In this episode of the KIX EAP Podcast, Dr. Shehzad Jeeva talks about how to foster critical thinking and hands-on learning in a sector used to rote memorization and the path to revolutionizing the Pakistani education system.

More about the participants: Dr. Shehzad Jeeva I Ryan Allen

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KIX EAP Podcast #2: Maia Bibileishvili, Head of the “Child, Family, Society” (CFS) organisation, Georgia

In this episode of the KIX EAP Podcast, Maia Bibileishvili talks about how her family experience inspired her to advocate for students with disabilities in Georgia. By grassroots organizing and appealing to the highest levels of government, her efforts have helped propel recognition and access for these population throughout the country.

More about the participants:  Maia Bibileishvili I Ryan Allen

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KIX EAP Podcast #1: Duishon Shamatov Associate Professor at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

In this episode, Professor Shamatov talks about his international research career from Pakistan to Canada, and how he returned to give back to his community in Central Asia through his work in academia. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Professor Shamatov offers a unique view into educational research and policies of post-soviet systems.

More about the participants: Duishon Shamatov I Ryan Allen

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This work was supported by the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, a joint endeavour with the International Development Research Centre, Canada

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