Executive Education

Innovative Financing for Education

Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies

Course dates and application procedures coming soon. Please contact norrag@graduateinstitute.ch for more information

Build partnerships for impact

Broaden your horizons

  • Domestic and international financing of education: Understand the key issues, challenges and potential for realising SDG 4 and SDG 17
  • Innovative financing mechanisms: Explore different mechanisms, their workings, gaps and significance
  • Measurement of impact: Learn concepts, standardisation of outcome metrics and monitoring and evaluation designs
  • Ecosystem and stakeholders: Identify the key actors, networks, and how the ecosystem functions

Enhance your skills

  • Learn how to assess key educational issues at the regional/national level and explore alternative solutions
  • Develop critical reading and synthesis skills and apply them to available evidence on innovative finance in education
  • Be able to formulate problems and explore design of potentially relevant innovative finance solutions
  • Build measurement and evaluation skills relevant to innovative finance mechanisms
  • Acquire skills in engaging with stakeholders and negotiations

Further benefits

  • Experience a unique course about an emerging area in education and finance
  • Learn from and engage with esteemed institutions bringing together world-class expertise and experience on the topic
  • Build knowledge and skills that can help in growth or career transition
  • Network with diverse participants, experts, faculty members, and institutions working in different countries and regions

Successful participants will receive an Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies in Innovative Financing in Education
(15 ECTS)

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