Governance, International Geneva and new actors

In the context of globalisation and of the Agenda 2030, various domains – including education – are increasingly addressed by initiatives at both regional and global levels. However, unlike other fields such as human rights, trade or health, education has not been rigorously studied from a global governance perspective. Beyond academic debates, the governance of education has significant implications for policy, given its pivotal role in social and economic development.

The education and development-related SDGs have brought to light several phenomena and trends which are indicative of changes in the actors involved, visions of education and development, and instruments deployed to influence education and training on global and national scales. NORRAG’s work in the area of Governance, International Geneva and new actors aims to unpack these phenomena, drawing on its location in International Geneva to involve relevant stakeholders in a critical reflection on shifting governance trends in the field

Find below the most recent NORRAG content on the topic of Governance, International Geneva and new actors:


24-25 May 2018, Geneva, Switzerland: Academic Symposium Technologies of Expertise as Technologies of Authorization (April 2018)

“International Education Development Challenges and Agenda 2030”: Key takeaways on Youtube (June 2017)


The Governance of Education and Training: Agenda 2030 and Beyond by Radu Barua, Laetitia Houlmann and Velibor Velibor Jakovleski (August 2016)

The Governance of Education and Training Agenda 2030 and Beyond: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa by Peliwe Lolwana (August 2016)

China and the Global Governance of Education and Training by Xiulan Wan (August 2016)

International Geneva, Conflict and Peacebuilding: What Role for Education? by Mario Novelli (July 2016)

What will happen to the Education Christmas Tree in January 2016? Global Governance and the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal for Education by Robert Palmer (September 2015)

Global Governance of the Draft SDG Education Goal and its Targets: Critical Challenges for both North and South by Kenneth King (May 2015)

Global Governance of Education and Training in the Age of Globalization: The Growing Importance of Cross-Border Externalities of National Education Policies by Birger Fredriksen (January 2015)

Global Education Governance – How Real? by Manzoor Ahmed (January 2015)

NORRAG NEWS 51 now online! Education and Skills Post-2015 and the Global Governance of Education: Agendas and Architecture by Kenneth King (January 2015)

Development Inc. and the Ghost in the Machine: the Idea of Global Governance by Euan Auld (December 2014)

The Elephant in the Post-2015 Education Room: What about the Global Governance of Education and Training? (Part 2) by Kenneth King and Robert Palmer (November 2014)

From Government to Governance: Reflections on Global Education Governance and the Global South by Barbara Trudell (July 2014)

What about Good Global Governance and Education? by NORRAG (June 2014)

Expanding PISA: The OECD and Global Governance in Education by Sam Sellar and Bob Lingard (June 2014)

The Legitimation of OECD’s Global Educational Governance? by Clara Morgan and Riyad Shahjahan (May 2014)

In Indonesia, Tackling Education Inequality Through Better Governance by Samer Al-Samarrai (November 2013)

Resource Library:

NORRAG SPECIAL ISSUE 01: The Right to Education Movements and Policies: Promises and Realities (January 2018)

AREB, CEPED AND NORRAG POLICY BRIEF #2: La Place de l’évaluation des Apprentissages dans les Systèmes Educatifs d’Afrique Subsaharienne: Le Cas du Burkina Faso (January 2017)

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