Domestic resource mobilization

Domestic resource mobilization

One of the key outcomes from the Financing for Development conference in Addis Ababa in 2015 was an apparent emphasis on domestic resource mobilisation and alternative finance strategies – including substantive links to skills development and education practices as generators of development progress. NORRAG’s work in this area has focused on financing for education and skills development more broadly, and the generation of knowledge and discussion around questions of taxation and privatisation.

Find below the most recent NORRAG content on the topic of domestic resource mobilization:

The Future of Education Financing – Mobilizing Domestic Savings? (April 2013)

Resource Library:

NORRAG NEWS #52: Reflections on the World Education Forum and Financing Education and Skills: New and Old Modalities: New and Old Partners (August 2015)

Documents on domestic resource mobilization are available at the NORRAG Resource Library.

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