SDG 4 – Education 2030 Agenda

What has actually transpired globally, regionally and nationally since the Sustainable Development Agenda, including SDG 4, was confirmed in the UN General Assembly in 2015? Following the goal and target agreement for 2030, the question immediately became: ‘What next?’ How would these new targets be achieved? How would they be measured, and which indicators will be used? How will they be financed? Since the SDGs are aspirational global goals, a key issue becomes if, and how, they will be translated into national and international policies around the world over the coming years. NORRAG’s work in this area aims to stimulate critical and multi-perspective and multi-stakeholder discussions around SDG4 and the Education 2030 agenda and its impact on policy and practice.

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Find below the most recent NORRAG content on the topic of SDG4 and the Education 2030 Agenda:


NORRAG News 54 is now available in Arabic: “Education, Training and Agenda 2030: What Progress One Year On?” (July 2017)

“International Education Development Challenges and Agenda 2030”: Key takeaways on Youtube (June 2017)

7 May 2017 in Jinhua – Launch of NORRAG News 54 in China and international seminar on the Belt and Road initiative and Agenda 2030 (April 2017)


SDG 4 Data: Investing Millions Today Will Save Billions in the Future by Luis Crouch and Silvia Montoya (January 2018)

Presentation by NORRAG at UKFIET 2017 on the Contribution of Large Scale Assessments to the Monitoring of SDGs by Patrick Montjouridès (September 2017)

Everything is in Place to Track Global Progress on Education: Except the Data by Silvia Montoya and Dankert Vedeler by Silvia Montoya (June 2017)

The Pressure is On! Powering Ahead with the Technical Cooperation Group for SDG 4 – Education 2030 Indicators by Silvia Montoya and Jordan Naidoo (June 2017)

The Education SDG and Leaving No One Behind: Training Teachers Matters by Monica Mincu By Monica Mincu (May 2017)

Lost in Translation? Is the Road to an SDG Heaven – or to the Other Place – Paved with Inadequate Global Indicators? By Kenneth King (April 2017)

Why we need a Flagship Indicator for Education: all Children in School and Learning By Bridget Crumpton and Silvia Montoya (March 2017)

The Education Commission Report: Will We Achieve EFA and the Education SDG? By Steven J. Klees (February 2017)

Financing Education and All the Other SDGs: Global Taxation is Needed by Steven J. Klees (January 2017)

2017: Reshaping the Landscape for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training by Kenneth King (January 2017)

Agenda 2030 – SDG4 Education 2030 – One Year On: Challenges and Opportunities by Jordan Naidoo (January 2017)

Do the SDGs Matter? A Teacher’s View By Desmond Bermingham (January 2017)

Might the Ambitious Targets for Post-Basic Education Further Delay Achievement of Universal Basic Education Beyond 2030 in Sub-Saharan Africa? By Birger Fredriksen (December 2016)

SDG? What is That? By Claudio de Moura Castro (December 2016)

Pakistan’s Educational Foresight and Alignment with the Education SDG by Sajid Ali (December 2016)

Education SDG Indicator on Learning Outcomes Gets a Major Upgrade by Luis Benveniste (December 2016)

Education, Training and Agenda 2030: What Progress One Year On? By NORRAG (November 2016)

Innovative Financing for Education: Interesting Ideas or Actionable in Education 2030? By Saba Saeed By Saba Saeed (October 2016)

The Governance of Education and Training Agenda 2030 and Beyond: Perspectives from Sub-Saharan Africa by Peliwe Lolwana (August 2016)

UNESCO Institute for Statistics Charts a Course to Monitor the Education 2030 Agenda by Silvia Montoya By Silvia Montoya (August 2016)

The Governance of Education and Training: Agenda 2030 and Beyond by Radu Barua, Laetitia Houlmann and Velibor Velibor Jakovleski (August 2016)

The Glass is Half Full! Technical and Vocational Education and Training and the Sustainable Development Goals By Salim Akoojee (February 2016)

Education and Work’s New Lease of Life: The End of Post-2015 and the Start of 2030? By Kenneth King (January 2016)

The Need for an SDG Demonstration in Education: Why Wait Till 2030? By Steven J. Klees (November 2015)

Without a Proper Financing Plan, Let’s Kiss the Education SDG Good Bye By Charles Aheto-Tsegah (November 2015)

Time to Think Outside the Box: Buy-Downs as an Education Financing Option by Arjun Upadhyay and Nicholas Burnett (September 2015)

The 100-year Background and History of the 33 Lines in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and Targets for Education By Kenneth King (September 2015)

What will happen to the Education Christmas Tree in January 2016? Global Governance and the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal for Education By Robert Palmer (September 2015)

Quality Education – at all Levels – for Everyone? Education in the Outcome Document on Post-2015 Development Goals By NORRAG (August 2015)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Education and Decent Work By Myles A Wickstead (August 2015)

What’s Missing from the Education SDG Debate? By David Levesque (June 2015)

Resource Library:

NORRAG SPECIAL ISSUE 01: The Right to Education Movements and Policies: Promises and Realities (January 2018)

NORRAG NEWS #54: Education, Training and Agenda 2030: What Progress One Year On? (December 2016)

POLICY PAPER: The Governance of Education and Training: Agenda 2030 and Beyond (June 2016)

WORKING PAPER #9: The Global Targeting of Education and Skill: Policy History and Comparative Perspectives (November 2015)

Documents on the SDG4 and on the Education 2030 Agenda are available at the NORRAG Resource Library.

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