Public-Private Partnerships

Several decades after the introduction and promotion by powerful international organizations and bilateral donors of PPPs in education, the reciprocal influence of the public and private sectors has seen the two sectors come to behave similarly in many regards. The close collaboration between the public and private for-profit sectors, advanced as part and parcel of managerial reforms, has blurred the boundaries of how the two types of providers conceive, design, and speak of basic educational services and goods. How are policies of privatisation proposed and implemented by the public sector? What are the consequences, both short term and long term, of this intersection of the private and public sectors for education?

NORRAG’s work on Public-Private Partnerships encourages the production of knowledge and engagement of a range of stakeholders around the issue of private involvement in education, including publications, conferences, and consultations.

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Publication Announcement: The State, Business, and Education: Public-private Partnerships Revisited (February 2018)

Fostering Collaboration through Evaluation: The Stevens Initiative, an International Public-Private Partnership to Support Virtual Exchange by Jennifer Laird and Maysam Ali (April 2018)

Debating the Guiding Principles: Geneva consultations on the draft Human Rights Guiding Principles on State Obligations with regards to Private Involvement in Education by Phoebe Shambaugh and Sarah French (February 2018)

Seeing like the State, Calculating like a Business: Public-Private Partnerships in Education Revisited by Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Alexandra Draxler (January 2018)

We Need a Wide Range of Providers to Quickly Overcome the Huge Shortage of Schools Across Africa by Marcus WLEH (May 2017)

As Liberia Privatizes its Schools, An Unforeseen Result: Hungry Students by Ashoka Mukpo (May 2017)

Outsourcing Liberia’s Education System: A New level of Absurdity in Education Provisioning by Salim Akoojee (February 2017)

Public-Private Partnership Schools: A Better Option for Quality Education for All in Pakistan? (February 2014)

Resource Library:

NORRAG SPECIAL ISSUE 01: The Right to Education Movements and Policies: Promises and Realities (January 2018)

NORRAG NEWS #41: The New Politics of Partnership: Peril or Promise? (December 2008)

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