International perspectives on technical and vocational skills development policies and practice


For 25 years, NORRAG has been informing, challenging and influencing international policy debates concerning TVET/TVSD (Technical and Vocational Education and Training/Skills Development). In 1996, the Working Group for International Cooperation in Skills Development (SD) was launched with the support of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO). This revived the policy debates on SD after a decade on the side-lines.

NORRAG’s Programme of Work (PoW) on international perspectives on TVET/TVSD polices and practice emerged amidst these developments. This is in line with the strategy of both the SDC (for 2017-2020) and many international organisations, which explicitly articulate education (basic, formal and non-formal) and vocational training because of the dependence of the latter on the quality of the former, especially in marginalised rural and urban economies.

The PoW is embedded in NORRAG’s international partnership approach. For instance, similar concerns about the links between SD, youth unemployment and social integration in Argentina, Bangladesh, India and South Africa have provided the basis for joint research and policy dialogue activities over the last years.