NORRAG Policy Briefs accompany selected editions of NORRAG NEWS. They capture the main issues for debate or for advocacy addressed by the various authors. These Policy Briefs are available in English for NN36 to NN51. Some of these are also available in French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and German. You can access the translated versions through the drop-down list on your right.

54 Education, Training and Agenda 2030: What Progress One Year On?
53 Refugees, Displaced Persons and Education: New Challenges for Development and Policy
52 Reflections on the World Education Forum and Financing Education and Skills. New and Old Modalities: New and Old Partners
51 Education and skills post-2015 and the global governance of education: Agendas and architecture
NN51_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (759.24 KB)
50 The Global Politics of Teaching and Learning: The Real Story of Educational Cultures and Contexts
NN50_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (471.45 KB)
49 Education and Development in the Post-2015 Landscapes (October 2013)
NN49_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (267.72 KB)
48 2012: The Year of Global Reports on TVET, Skills & Jobs - Consensus or Diversity? (April 2013)
NN48_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (386.55 KB)
47 Value for Money in International Education: A New World of Results, Impacts and Outcomes (April 2012)
NN47_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (186.76 KB)
46 Towards a New Global World of Skills Development? TVET's turn to Make its Mark (September 2011)
NN46_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (261.34 KB)
45 The Geopolitics of Overseas Scholarships & Awards. Old and New Providers, East & West, North & South (April 2011)
NN45_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (70.79 KB)
44 A Brave New World of 'Emerging', 'Non-DAC' Donors and their Differences from Traditional Donors (September 2010)
NN44_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (68.97 KB)
43 A World of Reports? A Critical Review of Global Development Reports with an Angle on Education and Training (February 2010)
NN43_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (75.01 KB)
42 A Safari Towards Aid Effectiveness? (June 2009)
NN42_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (14.88 KB)
41 The New Politics of Partnership: Peril or Promise? (December 2008)
NN41_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (91.07 KB)
40 Education for Sustainable Development? Or The Sustainability of Education Investment? A Special Issue (May 2008)
NN40_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (82.36 KB)
39 Best Practice in Education and Training: Hype or Hope?
NN39_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (49.33 KB)
38 Technical and Vocational Skills Development
NN38_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (116.29 KB)
37 Special Theme on Education and Training out of Poverty? A Status Report
NN37_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (30.48 KB)
36 Special Theme on 2005 - The Development Year? Millennium Project & World Summit & the Commission for Africa and G8 Implications for Education, Training & Partnership
NN36_PolicyBrief_EN.pdf Policy Brief (102.93 KB)
35 Critical Perspectives on Gender, Education and Skills in Western and Central Africa at Basic and Post-Basic Levels
34 Language Politics and the Politics of Language (in Education)
33 Targets in Education & Training Off-Centre ?
32 Critical Perspectives on Education and Skills in Eastern Africa on Basic and Post-Basic Levels
31 A Status Report on New Thinking & Rethinking on the Different Dimensions of Education and Training
30 NORRAG & The Web, The Harsh Realities of Going Virtual ?
29 The Globalisation of Development Knowledge
28 Knowledge, Research & International Co-operation
27 The Brave New World of International Education & Training
26 The World Education Forum in Dakar
25 Swapping Partners, The New Politics of Partnership and Sector Wide Approaches
24 A last round of aid policies for education, training and research this century
23 Knowledge generation in higher education - New challenges for North-South international cooperation.
22 International development cooperation
21 The fifth international conference on adult education
20 TVET & skills development - Researcher and agency perspectives
19 Education for all ? For whom ? - An issue related to the mid-term review of EFA in Amman, Jordan.
18 Consulting and advising in international education and training
17 European Union - Aid guidelines on education and training.
16 Higher education : The lessons from experience, comments from around the world on the World Bank's higher education paper
15 Rough guide to the literature on education and training in selected countries.
14 New trends in training policies [& shorter section on training for the informal sector]
13 Networking education and training
12 Aid under review
11 Higher education
10 Education research capacity
9 Technical vocational education and training
8 What happened at the World Conference in Jomtien ?
7 World conference on education for all and international literacy year
6 Section on NGOs as donors.
5 Sections on multilateral and bilateral agencies
4 Special Section on UK and USA
3 Special section on the netherlands and the federal republic of Germany
2 Special sections on Canada and Scandinavia. News from the south and north.
1 First issue