NORRAG News is a biannual publication, edited by Professor Kenneth King, which critically examines a specific, topical theme in the area of education, training and aid policy.

NORRAG News niche

Since 1986, there have been many electronic Newsletters and valuable data-bases developed. The latter have brought together in summary form recent publications, including of research commissioned by aid agencies such as DFID. But they have left to the reader the task of critically assessing the multiple messages from all this publication, policy work and research. The niche of NORRAG News (NN) has been to identify a number of ‘red threads' running through the complexity of the debates and the current discourse about international education and training policies. Each volume of NN is dedicated to a special issue or thematic focus. NN has sought to provide to the policy community - as well as the academic and NGO communities - short, sharp ways of looking rapidly at major events, substantial projects, and weighty publications.

NORRAG's role is clearly, therefore, in the arena of critical analysis both in the North and in the South. And NORRAG NEWS along with the Blog (see is our main dissemination tool and knowledge product.

Most issues of NORRAG News are around 120 pages long (around 50,000 words). So it has been important to have available, in just one page, a Policy Brief which captures the main issues for debate or for analysis covered in the special issue. We now have Policy Briefs in Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Spanish and English.

NN advanced search tool

All NORRAG News articles are now searchable not only by keyword, but also by author, date of publication, theme(s) and countries/regions addressed thanks to the advanced search tool.