Scoping Study with India and South Africa

AMMACHI Labs at Amrita University, the Center for Researching Education and Labour (REAL) at the University of the Witwatersrand and NORRAG have initiated a study entitled “Reaching the Unreached: Skills Development Policies and the Promise of ICT – A Scoping Study from India and South Africa”. The project will run until March 2018.

This multi-dimensional study seeks to identify and assess knowledge gaps in the provision of TVSD for unreached populations within India and South Africa.

The project will investigate the interplay between TVSD and ICT policies and practice at the national and local levels, in relation to the international context, focusing on the unreached populations in the two countries. It will also look at issues concerning learning pathways for unreached communities, including the use of technology, integrating ICT into skills development.

Specifically the study will explore the following dimensions in India and South Africa:

  • The informal sectors with respect to training and employment;
  • TVSD policies and funding in the informal sectors;
  • The interplay between ICT and TVSD policies and practices in the formal and informal sectors.

An expected outcome of this project is that findings from this scoping study will trigger and inform further research as well as practical implementation, building upon TVSD policies and practices in India and South Africa.

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  • Kick off meeting in Geneva (10-11 October 2016)


More information to come soon