Triangular collaborative research project with Argentina and South Africa

A triangular collaborative research project between Argentina, South Africa and NORRAG started in 2014, focusing on "Understanding barriers to accessing skills development and employment for youth in a comparative and international perspective."

A memorandum of understanding was signed in January 2014 with the following initial partners:

A workshop and a colloquium were held in Buenos Aires in May 2014, which provided the opportunity to define the common analytical and methodological framework for the research based on the preliminary work done by the partners to the project. It also provided the opportunity to get a better understanding of the Argentinian context through a series of presentations and visits organized by Claudia Jacinto and her team. A second workshop, in which the results of the ongoing research were shared, compared and consolidated, took place in South Africa, in November 2014.

The synthesis of the two country reports with a comparative dimension was presented during a launch seminar in South Africa in February 2016. This synthesis has been released as a Research Report entitled "Understanding Barriers to Accessing Skills Development and employment for Youth in Argentina and South Africa: Synthesis Report".

The full country reports will be available soon.

Additional information and resources: