Why become a member


As a network NORRAG lives through and thrives on the engagement and participation of its members. While anyone interested in international policies and cooperation in education and training can be part of the “NORRAG community” by attending events, consulting the blog and the website, and reading our knowledge products, becoming a member, which is fully free, allows:

  • Accessing and downloading the PDF version of the latest issue of NORRAG News (a selection of NN issues are also available in Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish)
  • Receiving regular updates of NORRAG’s activities, publications and latest developments via the news bulletin
  • Getting in touch with other members filtered by country of residence, country(ies) / region(s) of expertise or field(s) of expertise using the networking tool

Furthermore thanks to the information provided on registration, the NORRAG team can easily select members by their country of residence, country(ies)/region(s) of expertise or field(s) of expertise to inform them about specific events and news.

Another way for NORRAG to promote horizontal networking between its members is by hosting multi-stakeholder meetings, as well as identifying and connecting people with same interest but various backgrounds. It creates opportunities of collaboration between its members, provides space for open discussions, facilitates member to member dialogue and coordinates joint projects or initiatives.