NORRAG in brief

NORRAG is an independent network whose Secretariat is located at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland, with which it maintains close working relations.

Over the last 30 years NORRAG has established itself as a leading multi-stakeholder network for international policies and cooperation in education and training (for more information on the history of NORRAG see PDF). Thanks to the continued and enhanced support by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), as well as support from new partners, NORRAG entered a new phase of development in 2013 and is in the process of substantially expanding its activities and international outreach.

NORRAG aims at informing, challenging and influencing policy making and dialogue on international education and training policies (IETPs) at the national, regional and international levels. It builds and disseminates evidence-based critical information and knowledge and offers a platform for novel perspectives on topical IETPs issues. By facilitating knowledge exchange and sharing among its various stakeholders, members and partners - including researchers, practitioners, and policy makers - NORRAG serves as knowledge broker at the interface between research, policy and practice. Finally, NORRAG seeks to promote South-South-North cooperation and has engaged the development of new, interactive partnerships in the global South (initially in Argentina, Bangladesh and South-Africa) in view of developing joint activities and collaboration.

As of November 2015, NORRAG has more than 4,500 registered individual members (academia, NGOs, policy makers, consultants, private sector, foundations…) in about 170 countries, 47% from the global South. These members contribute to the production and dissemination of NORRAG’s knowledge products and take part, as well as non-members, in workshops and meetings organised in different parts of the world (more than 3200 participants from 2009 to 2012).

>> NORRAG leaflet can be download here in 6 languages!

Main outputs

  • Events: NORRAG organises and convenes workshops, conferences, and policy seminars in relation to its objectives and thematic programmes; it also coorganises and participates in many events each year with other partners worldwide. NORRAG often serves as an a-typical convener, by bringing together people that normally do not meet, in order to provide novel and cross-fertilizing perspectives. NORRAG is increasingly involved in the set up and facilitating of major events and conferences in the global South.

  • NORRAG News (NN) is the influential biannual publication launched in 1986, edited by Professor Kenneth King on the basis of a diversity of contributions from NORRAG members and non-members, which critically examines a specific, topical theme in the area of education, training and cooperation policies. The niche of NN has been to identify a number of ‘red threads' running through the complexity of the debates and the current discourse. NN seeks to provide to the education & training community short, critical, timely, sharp and novel ways of looking at major events, substantial projects, and weighty publications.

  • NORRAG NEWSBite is the blog designed to complement NN, managed by Dr. Robert Palmer. The blog posts showcase the views and opinions of NORRAG members or non-members. As a non-institutional blog, it provides critical dispassionate critical analysis.

  • Working Papers: NORRAG also conducts and commissions studies on topics related to international education and training policies, such as the latest policies on education post-2015. NORRAG recently introduced a Working Paper Series to better disseminate and file such papers.

  • Workshop Reports

  • Policy Research Notes: NORRAG's Policy Research Notes series aims at providing timely and concise policy-relevant research on a variety of issues relating to the field of international education and training.

NORRAG is also present on Facebook and Twitter.